Thursday, January 29, 2009

Warm Feet

Few things are more satisfying than a nice pair of hand knit socks. This pair has been finished for well over a month and I am just now putting them on my feet. I began knitting them sometime around June of last year. It seems last year was spent starting projects not finishing them. There are four other pairs waiting for their turn on the blog. Two pairs were finished a very long time ago but for some reason I never got around to blogging about them. These were knit using the formula I keep in my head using a simple 3X1 rib. The yarn is Socks That Rock in the Dreidel colorway. They are soft and cuddly. I am in sock heaven.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Best Thing About Me

Your result for The Best Thing About You Test...


Compassion is your strongest virtue

Compassion is the most human of the virtues. And you? Your heart has limits far beyond normal levels of empathy, and your capacity for feeling the world's pain is boundless. You poor, beautiful, wonderful thing. All 7 virtues are a part of you, but your compassion runs deepest.

It is likely you're an altruist. And it's likely (but not necessarily true, think of Bono) that your humility score is high too.

Compassionate famous people: Brad Pitt, Mother Theresa, The A-Team.

Your raw relative scores follow. 0% is low, and 100% is perfect, nearly impossible. Note that I pitted the virtues against each other, so in some way these are relative scores. It's impossible to score high on all of them, and a low score on one is just relatively low compared to the other virtues.


60% Compassion

56% Intelligence

25% Humility

33% Honesty

38% Discipline

29% Courage

25% Passion

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A Dog's Life

Doesn't Coal look excited? He tried on the sweater I made for his friend, Sam. I wanted to make sure it would fit. It did! The look on Coal's face says it all. The sweater is from Patons, A Dog's Life booklet. It's the Classic Aran. I love the pattern. I made several adjustments. I knit it in the round instead of flat and made it shorter than the pattern stated. I also added a a few stitches here and there to accommodate a more pleasing fit. Please ignore the view under my sofa -- hideous. This is what happens when cats run wild destroying household furniture. It is during photo shoots for the blog that I discover or am reminded of the state of my furniture.

Here's a closeup of the back. I really love this pattern and cables in general.

This is what Coal thought of wearing a sweater. He seems to me more of a rustic type of fellow who prefers to just be a plain old dog. And, he has the looks to pull it off.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dog Days

Coal has been having some exciting times. He graduated from dog school last November. I think we might have been in the remedial group but we got our certificate. He has come a long way since then with his doggy manners -- plays nice with others, doesn't threaten strangers, greets people somewhat appropriately, obeys sit and down. Coal doesn't feel like stay applies to him. Heel - never heard of it. But, in my humble opinion, he is one of the finest dogs in the land - in the history of the world really. He has given me and my family hours and hours of joy.

He got a new seat belt which he hates. But, as they say, safety first!

He had a wonderful time playing with his new friend, Sam, at the Bark Park.

And, he really enjoys his Christmas presents. It won't be long before all of his toys have been played to death.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

4 Dates

So, the new man in my life has managed to get four dates out of me. That's three more than anyone else has gotten in the last year or so. Must mean I like him.

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