Sunday, October 18, 2015


Much has changed since I last posted to the blog. Doogle went to nursing school, graduated, and became an ER nurse. Doogle started dating again which was an exercise in pure frustration. Are all men cowards? Doogle quit dating. Some people get a happily ever after. Some people don’t. Doogle falls into the don’t category. So, why continue torturing yourself? People have told me you’ll find someone when you aren’t looking. I call bullshit on that because I wasn’t looking for seven years and no perfect man magically appeared. I don’t expect one to show up now. I also began travel nursing. My plan when I initially went to nursing school. My first assignment took me to the gulf coast – beach living. Let me tell you it is everything I ever dreamed it would be – beach living not travel nursing. Travel nursing is simply the vehicle that takes me where I’d like to go. I’ve been at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center for the past nine months. The past six months I’ve been living in a travel trailer at Navarre Beach Campground. The puppies and I will be leaving this beautiful place tomorrow. My heart/soul, whatever you might call it, is already aching at the reality that we are leaving. The last couple of weeks I’ve driven to work thinking, “This is the last time I will see this beautiful water. This is the last time I will smell the ocean. This is the last time I will breathe it in and know such contentment. This is the last time I will feel that I am truly home.” This is complete nonsense because I’ll be back again and again and again. However, I do hope to live here again one day. This place . . . it speaks to my soul. I find myself thinking I squandered my time here. I spent too much time going back to Enterprise when I could have simply stayed here and drank in this experience in its entirety. I won’t be making that mistake again. The puppies and I will be headed to Seneca, SC for our next adventure. We already have a reservation at an RV park. It isn’t as fine as this one but it seems nice enough. I’ve got doggy daycare set up. Daycare here in Navarre was so very special and, the puppies and I will miss Debbie and her family. And, their dog Sunny. They had become an extension of our family. We’re leaving this beautiful place. We’ll be leaving a part of ourselves behind. But, we’re off to our next adventure in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains – Seneca, SC. I suspect we’ll freeze to death.


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