Sunday, August 16, 2009

Handful of Beans

This morning I picked twenty-two beans fresh from the garden, washed them and ate them. I don't really care for green beans but I felt I should give them another try since I grew them and all. However, I still don't think I like them but I'll keep trying. Jordan loved them and Logan is confident that she does not care for green beans. It's hard to get a proper tasting accomplished when you have to divide your twenty-two beans by three. :-)

I have lots of peppers on my pepper plants. There are three big banana peppers and two medium green peppers on the plants. The plants are loaded with more peppers but they are just getting started and are quite small. Still, only three tomatoes and they are still green. But, I've only had the garden seven weeks and it might be possible that I'm a little impatient.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coal and Nola

Nola stayed with us for about nine days last month. She was such a delight and absolutely no trouble at all. Coal loved her and they had a very good time. It was his first sleep-over.

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