Thursday, February 08, 2007

How many dish cloths?

. . . does it take to heal a relationship. I'm speaking of my love/hate relationship with the two Central Park Hoodies I've been working on.

I'm so traumatized from my experience knitting the sleeves for these two sweaters, I'll do just about anything to avoid completing them. To date, I've knit six sleeves for these guys -- only needed four. It's nothing short of miraculous that I managed to knit one long sleeve but six. I deserve a metal of some sort. My short attention span is not suited to sleeve knitting. I've managed to knit one and 3/4 pairs of socks, three hats, one scarf, one kerchief, a secret project to be revealed soon and seven dish cloths (one didn't make the photo shoot, it was already off to its new home). All projects perfect for someone who likes to get finished and move on with the next project.

The answer - - - It takes seven dish cloths, using seven different stitch patterns and all your left-over cotton yarn. I started knitting the hood for one of the central park hoodies last night. This is an exercise in patience and persistence. I've got loads of persistence -- a certain mule-headed stubbornness. I like to think of it as a strength


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