Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Ends

January has been a long month. It is hard to believe it has only been two weeks since my father's surgery. It feels like a lifetime. This surgery has been one of those life changing events. The kind where you divide your life into before and after sections -- life before the surgery and life after -- part a and part b. These divisions happen periodically through our lives. I've already got several before and after sections. (before I was a mother/after I became a mother; married/divorced) But, I am so incredibily thankful my father is home and doing well. There are still some "issues" but when I think about the time frame, I'm able to realize that it hasn't been that long since the surgery and recovery takes time. His spirits are good, he looks good and he is getting back to his "old self." We really love his "old self."

I've been sick for the last week -- a debilitating kind of sick where you just can't seem to get better. I'm on round three of antibiotics and am just now beginning to feel a little better. My youngest daughter has also been sick but she's also bouncing back. All of this in just two weeks -- feels like forever. My internet connection has been difficult. I've got the internet working ( or maybe the internet gods are just being kind) but I think my router is fried. This disturbs the tranquility in my universe and my ability to compute while lounging on my sofa, but it is a small thing -- one I can live with until I drag my lazy butt to the magic router store and get a new one.

I got several packages this week. One from my Spinning buddy and another from my Sock-ret Pal. I've got to be the most spoiled girl on the planet. Both packages where amazing and I'll try to take some pictures soon and post more details. Thanks to both my pals for lifting my spirits and sending me "real" mail.

Here's some pictures of some knitting:

January socks -- they remind me of watermelon. I'm not sure how I feel about the short-row heel but I think it might be love.

A hat for everyone . . . and for everyone a hat


At 3:30 PM, Blogger Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that things are settling down for your Dad and that you are on the mend yourself!! Nothing like stress to play havoc with your immune system!!


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