Friday, November 10, 2006

I've lost it . . .

I was happily knitting along on my Harvest Sock Swap Sock when disaster struck. Now, I'm starting over. How is it possible to forget the correct way to turn a heel? I've done this dozens of times but this time it didn't work. Maybe its the attention I've been giving the short-row heel that's thrown me off -- add this to the list of reasons not to like the short-row heel. I wasn't loving the pattern I'd chosen anyway so maybe it's a good thing but all that work is just gone. I'm going to start looking for a different pattern and hope things turn out differently. Things have not been going well since the lose of the Central Park Hoodie sleeves incident. I've lost my knitting karma.


At 12:15 PM, Blogger lauriec said...

Sending you positive vibes that your knitting mojo comes back!!!!

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Uh Oh....sounds like you have "Darlene Syndrome"!!! LOL!!! Don't worry, you'll have your knitting mojo back in no time!!


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