Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Socktoberfest and More

From this . . .

to this.

I love these socks. They're perfect for Socktoberfest. I'm not a big fan of orange but these socks are fabulous. Did you notice the short-row heel? I think I've finally got it but I still don't really like it. I'm just not feeling the love for the short-row heel. I plan to start knitting sock #2 of my Summer Sock Party socks next. It will have a short-row heel which means I'll get to practice some more.

I got another package from my One Skein Angel. Isn't it fabulous?

This yarn, also from my One Skein Angel, just screams Socktoberfest. This picture doesn't do the yarn justice. The colors are beautiful -- burgundy, green, rich browns. But, I don't think I'll get another pair finished before the end of October but ya never know.

The scarf for the International Scarf Exchange is complete and will be going in the mail today. It's actually been complete for some time now but I've been a lazy blogger, mailer, etc. The pattern is Fickle Fingers from the Winter '05 issue of Interweave Knits. I used the yarn suggested but in a different colorway (Zitron Ethno #5 multicolored). Clever name, huh? I love this colorway and I love this scarf. I'll definitely be making another.

And, if I haven't mentioned it before, I've selected the yarn and the pattern for my Harvest Sock Swap socks.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger tonni said...

Not a big fan of Orange?!?! All I can say to that is War Eagle :) These socks are great! Haven't tried the short row heel myself, but it is on my "to learn" list.

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Beautiful socks!! There's something about fall that makes all of us like orange for at least a little while. My next pair of socks will be quite fallish with some orange too.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger lexa said...

Love your orange socks! Orange is one of my favorite sock colors.


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