Thursday, August 24, 2006

What's Your Blogging Type?

Your Blogging Type is Social and Responsible

You enjoy blogging and do all you can to advance the blogging community.
From helping friends set up blogs to getting rid of spam - you take a leadership role.
A super blogger, you tend to blog regularly. You'd hate to disappoint your audience.
And always appropriate, there's no way you'd blog something too personal!


At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You knitting is very nice. It shows a great deal of creativity, skill, and patience. The people you share completed projects with are very lucky.

At 3:11 AM, Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Thanks for sharing this fun little quiz! I scored "Confident and Insightful" - having a ton of brain power and leveraging it into a brilliant blog. Yay for that ;)))

At 2:01 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

Cool quiz. I'm about to go and take it myself.


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