Friday, August 11, 2006

What is your life path number?

Because I am me I couldn't resist testing this little quiz. I wanted to know if everyone was a 4. All the bloggers I've been reading were a 4 and I was a 4. My boyfriend is a 4, my oldest daughter is a 4. Could it be that everyone is a 4? The evidence seemed to be pointing in that direction. The answer --- everyone is not a 4. My youngest daughter is a 1, which frankly doesn't seem at all right but maybe we've all been missing something. My dad is a 7. He must be completely blocking out his true life's purpose because I'm telling you he is not a spiritual man or even remotely interested in the mysteries of life. So, I guess it's possible there are people who simply don't follow their life path. We do have free will after all. I'm a 4 and I mostly agree with that. My friend, Barbara, would say it was right on.

Your Life Path Number is 4

Your purpose in life is to build your vision.

You are practical and responsible. You work hard, knowing that there are no shortcuts in life.
You work for a better life for yourself and those you love, but you are not an idealist.
Trustworthy and honest, you also demonstrate great courage. People can count on you.

In love, you are a loyal and committed partner. You are the ideal spouse.

You don't give up easily, and sometimes you can be too stubborn and unwilling to change.
You also can be too conservative at times. You sometime miss out on good opportunities.
Also remember that not everyone can work as hard as you, as disappointing as that is!


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