Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Will I be able to keep up?

I've managed to complete the third clue of Mystery Stole 3 a second time. I'm making two this time. The first one is in a nice, traditional, white color and the other is taking a walk on the wild side with a variegated colorway. I really didn't care for the variegated colorway but its growing on me as the stole grows. It was the June edition of the Lace Cake of the Month Club. The variegated yarn is in yellow, green, blue, purple pastels. I'm not a big fan of these colors. I prefer rich, dark colors. The question is will I be able to keep up this pace? Will I actually finish this time? Mystery Stole 2 is still unfinished. It makes me wonder what made me believe I could complete two different stoles this year. Call me an optimist.

I don't have any knitting pictures to share today. So, I decided to share a photo from our trip to Orlando in 2005. Cute, yes??


At 2:59 PM, Anonymous B.L. said...

Hey, this fella looks familiar...He has quite a cute butt.


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